VIP with Dominique; Profiling your Character

Character profiling has become very…electronic. Many people when doing character profiles get out a pen and notebook, create names and people filling up the pages with information about the people in their book. I too have been guilty of this way of creating a book. But as of lately, I’ve become very fond of the electronic way.

On my iPad, I’ve found apps that allow me to create my novel. I don’t have to get out a pen and paper. I can simply pull up my app and the app asks questions pertaining to my story and before you know it my book is coming alive. All I have to do is write it.

I call myself the old school reader and I still even like to write the old school way. But for an organized personal like me having these apps help.

There are not too many people who don’t have smart phones. I have not come across a person recently that didn’t have a smart phone or some smart electronic device that allows them to download things. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to do your character profiling, checkout the apps your phone or device provides. When building your next best seller it can be a lot of fun. Some authors never change up how they create a book…but as I always say…there’s nothing wrong with change.

Signing Off,



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