Hot Topic Monday; Media Influence

Happy Monday!

We’re almost through May 2012. Can you believe it? The year is going by so fast.

Today I want to talk about Media Influence. I know as parents we teach our children not to allow the media or what’s going on in the world to influence them. To be our own person and have our own beliefs. But as authors and writers, sometimes the media does influence our work. We can watch a TV show or  movie and get an idea for a new book. We could watch the news and want to write a book about something we want people to be aware of. As authors and writers, the media does influence us.

Today I want to know what were you recently influenced by in the media. How did it affect your work?


See ya next Monday for another Hot Topic Monday!

Signing Off,


Happy Memorial Day!


One thought on “Hot Topic Monday; Media Influence

  1. Well I am new at wordpress and am still finding what to talk about mainly, and when I noticed it was memorial day I decided to make a memorial day special. Does that count as the media affecting me?

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