Literary Career Moves Presents: Should I Hire an Editor?

When in the process of having your book published, writers come to the question should they hire someone to edit or should they do it themselves. The bigger question is do I have money to afford this service.

Now a day’s having a manuscript edited will cost hundreds of dollars and this is before the book has been to print; before you have signed the contract.

For example. If you log on to right now you will see what I mean. Once you get to their homepage authors will click on Packages. This page has a graph of the packages and what each package offers. They only offer editing services for three of their packages. The other packages will need to pay for the editorial packages which is $599 not including the cost of publishing your book. This is what I mean when I say, look around. If you look at their packages and click on their cheapest package which is $599, it does not include the package but you can purchase it as an add on. Which puts your total over $1000 or more if you decide to add on other packages.

Some publishing companies will add certain services into the contract to have your book published. Others will not. These add on services are hundreds of dollars as well and if you don’t read the fine print in your contract or browse through the website of a publishing company, you probably won’t find that out. Most self publishing companies, do not edit. There are a few but not many. If this is a feature that your publishing company must have, be sure you shop around.

Most Traditional Publishing Companies edit for you. But with most publishing companies, comes a long process before you are accepted as one of their writers.

The bottom line is

  • First decide if you have the extra money to hire someone to edit your book
  • Shop around, get quotes and see what other editors and proofreaders have to say.
  • If you plan to have your publishing company edit your book, make sure they offer this service before you sign the contract.

Don’t be discouraged if the quotes you get are too high for your pockets. Some writers have written ten books and still go through this critical stage. If you have to edit your own book, go through it with a fine tooth comb and do the best you can!

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