Marlon McCaulsky is back and he’s bringing…RaeQuel Edgerson

Marlon McCaulsky, originally from Brooklyn, New York, Prior publications include “The Pink Palace”, “From Vixen 2 Diva”, “The Pink Palace II: Money, Power, & Sex”, “Love & Life” a teen novella, “The Freak Files Reloaded” an erotic anthology, and he is a 2010 African American Literary Award Nominee for his anthology, “Romance For The Streets”, “Urban Fantasies” a six part E-Series for Nook and Kindle. Marlon’s latest releases is “Used To Temporary Happiness” with RaeQuel A. Edgerson. He lives in Atlanta, GA.
Cleveland native RaeQuel Edgerson is a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Phoenix. She drew upon her real life experiences to inspire her to write her debut novel. She hopes to create a voice for all young women to grow and be proud of all aspects of their life. She’s currently living in Atlanta and plans to obtain her second degree from Georgia State University in hopes of becoming a school Guidance Counselor after she graduates from grad school. Her debut novel “Used To Temporary Happiness” is loosely based on her own life. She is currently working on the sequel “These Beautiful Scars” with her writing partner Marlon McCaulsky. She can reached on, Facebook at RaeQuel A. Edgerson, Twitter at RaeQuelEdgerson and/or she can be reached by email at
On the surface, Ariyanna Stokes appears to have everything a woman wants, undeni…able beauty, the eyes and affection of handsome men, and good friends. But deep
down inside she has kept a dark secret that affects every aspect of her life, a shameful secret that she deals with everyday. A cold winter in Cleveland brings changes to every one of her friend s lives.  Iyana Burns, Ariyanna’s best friend, finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy with Ariyanna s playa for life cousin Rayshawn Carter. Is keeping the baby the right thing to do or is it in her best interest not to tell him and get rid of it? Yasmien Taylor, mother of two, goes into a downward spiral of depression, drugs, and raunchy sex with random men while trying to deal with the sudden death of her husband. Will she be able to get her life back together before her risky lifestyle catches up with her? Kera Williams, comes back to town one-hundred pounds lighter after bariatric surgery, but still carries a torch for Ariyanna s cousin Rayshawn. When she finds out he s now with her frenemy Iyana she is determined to do whatever it takes to get him back. Even if it means going behind Iyana s back. After Ariyanna s man Tre, does the unforgivable; an old flame named Vell comes into her life and gives her everything Tre never did. But can he handle the reality of Ariyanna s life or will her dark secret keep her Used To Temporary Happiness?
Catch RaeQuel on Twitter:  @RaeQuelEdgerson
Get to know the Authors:

1.     How did the two of you come to work on this book together?

Marlon: We’ve been friends with each other for about nine years and this is really the second book we wrote together. RaeQuel came to me with this idea for the story and once we talked about it in detail we knew it was going to be something special.
2. Where did the idea of this book come from?

RaeQuel: The ideas stem from actual events that took place in my life as well as the lives of people I have encountered.
3. How long did it take to put this book together?

Marlon: We discussed concept for the book in January of 2010 then we started writing. I’ll say after we got done editing the book with Cynthia Marie, we were done in early March 2011.
4. RaeQuel, as a new author what has been your experience in working with Marlon?

RaeQuel: It has been an experience definitely. I never knew everything that goes on to actually have a published book. And co-writing a book is very challenging as any partnership should be, but it has been a great experience thus far.
5. Marlon, what has your experience been?

Marlon: This was different because most of the time it’s just me, my thoughts, and a keyboard. But this time around it was fun to collaborate with RaeQuel. Working with RaeQuel on this project made me step my game up as an author.
6. Where can the public expect to see you promoting this book?

RaeQuel: Facebook,, Barnes & Noble (Nook)
7. RaeQuel, what advice do you have for new authors.

RaeQuel: Decide what your goal will be as a writer. What do you want to accomplish from your writing? Once you have these things in mind the story will pour out. My goal was to inspire, and I believe I am starting to accomplish this one reader at a time.
8. Marlon what advice do you have for veteran authors?

Marlon: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pen something different. You’ll be surprise at what you can do.

An excerpt from Used To Temporary Happiness –

Chapter 15

Who’s that peepin’ in my window?

Jan.27th 4:02 AM

Her heart dropped into her belly seeing Tre’s face illuminated by the outside security lights. He looked up at Ariyanna and smiled. She frowned. It was evident by the stupid smirk on his face that he was drunk. This was the last thing she wanted to happen. Turning her head, Vell was still asleep then she turned and glared at Tre. He gestured for her to meet him at the front door but Ariyanna shook her head no. Tre mouthed the word “Why?” Ariyanna sighed and shook her head no once again. Not taking no for an answer, Tre shrugged his shoulders and walked in the direction of her front door. Her heart beating fast, and not wanting anything to jump off, Ariyanna looked at Vell then crept out of her bedroom. Going downstairs, she heard a knock on her front door before she was able to open it.

“What the hell you doing here?”

“I came to see you, baby,” Tre slurred.  “I just needed to see you.”

“For what,” she whispered angrily.

“Because I love you, Ari.”

Ariyanna was livid. She couldn’t believe he was saying this shit to her, now of all times. Her eyes glanced behind him and saw his Mustang parked crookedly on her grass and could smell the 1738 on his breath and noticed how low his eyes were. Tre was drunk driving again.

He stared at Ariyanna mean mugging him with her door not fully opened. “So you not gonna let me in?”

“Hell no!”

“Why not?” Tre waited for her to respond. When she didn’t, he cocked his head to the side and looked her up and down. “You must got some nigga up in there. Who is it? That lame ass nigga, Mone?”

“None of your damn business who I got in my house. It’s four o’clock in the fuckin’ morning, Tre. Go home!”

He shook his head then yelled defiantly, “What! Hell naw! You in here fucking that nigga too I bet? Awww…Thank you for the fruit basket”

“Go home, Tre! I don’t gotta explain shit to you!” Ariyanna was furious he was raising his voice at her. After all the shit he put her through she felt perfectly fine screwing whoever she chose.

“Wow, I can’t believe you fucking another nigga already, Ari.” He pushed his way past her.

“Tre! Go the fuck home!”

“I … I … just wanna know why you don’t love me any more.” He stumbled backward but regained his balance.

Ariyanna shook her head at his clumsy attempt. “Why are you doing this, Tre?”

“Me?” He frowned. “You da one fucking Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike. Why you gotta be fucking other niggas, baby? That’s not you.”

“Well I’m not any of those niggas, but I think she is satisfied with this nigga though,” Vell confirmed stepping downstairs into the living room.


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