VIP with Dominique; Don’t Let a Closed Door Keep you from your Success

Just a month ago I let my magazine From A Writer’s POV ago. From A Writer’s POV was not only online, it was also in print. I have every single copy I’ve ever published in my library in my office. I hardly ever go back to look at them.

But since I’d decided to let the magazine go, I kept myself from looking at past editions of the magazine thinking, I’d feel guilty or sad about letting the magazine go. I’d see them from afar but never took the moment to really look at them, touch the cover or read the print. Today, I came across the magazines and did just that.

I felt a sense of accomplishment and closure. It’s when God has come to me and said, Dominique this is the end. I’m closing this chapter in your life. You can sit here for however long you like but I suggest you move forward with me.

Everything in our lives must come to an end. I believe POV coming to an end is so that I can begin other more important and better things in my life. Before I was a Publisher, I was an author. Running From A Writer’s POV took away my time with the pen and I miss it. I must say I’m eager to get back to what once was.

If you are at a point in your business or career where you feel the end is near, don’t stress about it. Everything has to end at some point in time and everything has a certain place in our lives. Take it as a way of God saying, this is the end…I’m preparing you for something bigger and better.

Ending From A Writer’s POV came to a surprise to a lot of people but for me, it was a lingering feeling I’d had for quite some time. With it being my precious baby, I ignored the closed door and continued to push through when God had already put the dead bolt on it.

And at the end of the day, I’m happy, relieved and excited about my future in the literary field.

Don’t let a closed door keep you from your success, follow your dreams and see which door is waiting on you to open it.

Signing Off,



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