A Part Time Author; Top Ten Countdown: Has your Book Been Edited?

Number 8

Self editing is good and cheap but our eyes always tend to fail us.

If you are in the birthing stages of a new book, find an editor. I’ve made the mistake of self editing and my eyes always fail me. I don’t care how many times you read and read and read, there will be mistakes. Your eyes will get fixed on a mistake as right when it’s really wrong and you won’t notice it.

Even when you decide to put your book away for a few months and come back to it; there are still mistakes that will linger.

Hiring an editor is not cheap. Yes it will cost a few hundred bucks but this is something you should be prepared for. As a mentor and counselor I always ask my clients how much money can you afford to put into the production of your book. I realize that there are some people who want their book out fast but going fast causes mistakes. Sometimes we have to spend a good amount of money to get a good quality item.

Another thing I ask my clients is what is most important to you in your book? The cover? Editing? Quality of the book? Graphic Design inside the book? Although I always get that one particular area of the book is most important, all areas of the book should be important. Editing should not be one of the areas left behind.

How to not make this mistake:

First you want to shop around for an editor. Ask authors who edited their book and if it was good editing. Get references. Ask questions. Google people. Find out what worked for others. Once you have a list of editors you are interested in check out their website. Follow them on twitter or facebook. Subscribe to their mailing list.  See how their vibe is and if you think that person will work well with you. Get information on this person that will answer your questions. Do a phone consultation. Get a quote.

Start looking for an editor when the book is about half way finished. By the time you are done writing the book, you’ll be ready to hire an editor.

Shopping for an Editor Profile Example:

Name of the Editor Years in business Testimony’s from clients Quote How did you find them After research, will this editor work for you and your needs?

Have a question for me? I’m here to help! Let me know what literary struggles you have this month and I’ll help you get through them. Email me at dominiquewatson@literarycareermoves.com

View Literary Career Moves online: www.literarycareermoves.com  I am now taking clients!

“Getting your book edited is one of the most important things to have done to your book. No matter what you publish, once you have place yourself in the limelight, readers are going to look at you and your work with w magnifying glass. Be on your game! Hire an editor!”-Dominique


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