Curling up with a Page Turner; The continuation of The ABC’s of becoming a Writer

Last month I gave you A-K on things you need to know about when it comes to becoming a writer. This list is not just for beginning writers, it’s also for veterans who want a refresher. Let’s continue with the list starting with the letter L.

L. Learn more in your craft

You are never too old to learn. Take courses, join writing groups, expand in your craft. Learn as much as you can as often as you can.

M. Motivate Yourself

As an author, you have to be able to motivate yourself. You have to be able to excite yourself to get the pen rolling in your career. Being self motivated is definitely helpful in becoming a writer.

N. Never Give Up

It’s easy to throw in the towel and say I’m done especially when you are making the money you think you should, the book isn’t selling and people aren’t interested. Go back to the drawing board…but don’t give up!

O. Open a Book

Whatever genre you choose, it’s wise to read a book in that genre. Know what the people like. Get familiar with those you will be in competition with. Always read in your genre!

P. Prepare for your future

Yes, you are just starting out in the writing field but no one knows what tomorrow holds. Prepare for your literary future. Always think about what your next steps are including finances, new books, networking, travel etc. Prepare for your literary career.

Q. Quit

Quit comparing yourself to other writers and authors. Although many times people say to look at other authors/writers in your genre it’s not good to compare yourself to them. See what type of writer they are, read their bio and get to know them but at the end of the day be your own person.

R. Remember where you came from

One thing I notice about veteran authors is that they forget where they came from. They forget that they started somewhere. Don’t be that author. Remember there are other authors/writers who are looking up to you. Don’t forget about them. Give them the advice you didn’t have when starting out. Always remember where you came from. Remember your struggles.

S. Start now

After you have read this article, start promoting who you are now. The sooner the better. Don’t wait till the book is about ready to hit the shelves, start now. Join writing groups, meet your peers, attend events. Let people know about you!

T. Think about what you’re doing

It’s always wise to think about your decisions before acting on them. You always want to think before you sign the contract, think before you hire the editor or graphic designer, think before you decide on anything in the literary world. Most of the time the decision is final and you can’t go back on what you’ve decided. For example, if you publish with a self publishing company that says when you click “print” for your book to go to print, there can be no changes. Well you want to be sure that everything you’ve uploaded is what you want because, you can’t go back.

U. Understand the pressure of the business

Being a published author and writer is tough. Every stage of this business is tough. Sometimes you have to be your own boss, your own editor, your own PR/Marketer, your own typesetter. It can be very tough. Not to mention, you are also the creator of the book and the writer of the book. You can end up wearing many hats in your career. You must understand that this business is tough. Even if you don’t wear all those hats and you have a staff that works for you, ultimately, everything falls back on you! Be sure to take time off between projects. Be sure to keep in mind that this business is tough and you learn as you go.

V. Venture Off

Most of the time when you write your first book you know close to nothing in how the business works. You have a passion for this story you want to get out and you know for sure you want to write and publish a book. Many times, up and coming authors don’t take the time to learn the business so they don’t know much. Most authors go with traditional publishing rather than self publishing because the company has sold them on “I’ll make your book a best seller” When an author does go through self publishing the number one reason is money. It costs close to nothing to self publish with many companies and/or the author wants their book in stores fast. To sum it all up, we all start somewhere. But keep in mind that after the first or second book, you are going to want to venture off. Many authors become editors. Maybe they got “burned” with their last book and want to make a difference in others lives. Some even start their own publishing company and help others get in the face of the literary field. Keep in mind that even if you have not published your first book yet, you may want to consider venturing off. There’s so many different things you can do in the literary world. Venturing off is never a bad idea.

W. Write Often

Even if you are not currently working on a book, writing often is important. It keeps the juices flowing. Try joining writing clubs, writing workshops or writing classes to keep your writing fresh.

X. X out the Xenophobia

For those that don’t know what Xenophobia is, I’ll explain. It’s a fear or hatred for strangers and those who are foreign. I used this word because throughout your literary career, you are going to come across people who are foreign and those that are strangers. Don’t be afraid to connect with them or come into contact with them. In other words, embrace new people. Try to connect with those you don’t know and be open to new things.

Y. Yield

Always be cautious. Although it’s important to connect be cautious. In this field not everyone is proud of you and wants to help you. So always be cautious!

Z. Zone

Every author/writer has a zone. It’s their personal space and area they get into when creating something great. A zone is not created by a room or surroundings. A zone is a place within you that brings out your magic. It’s situations and/or circumstances that may or may not include other outside things like, the weather, people, music, TV etc. Before you decide to publish anything you will know your zone. Once you get to know your zone, remember, this is the place for you that brings out your best. When you are in it…bring it!


What am I reading…

“Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer

“Skeleton Canyon” by JA Jance

“Trunk Music” by Micheal Connelly

“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“Describe your zone as a writer. Has there ever been a time that something you read inspired you to write?”

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