Hot Topic Monday; Writing under a Pseudonym or Pen name

Happy Monday!

Today I want to talk about Pen names or Pseudonyms. I’ve been reading an author that I’m sure many readers and writers are familiar with. Nora Roberts. I recently found out that she has been writing a series under a different name. When I found out about the books I was very interested and wanted to read the series. Of course, I went digging and then found out that it was actually Nora Roberts writing under J.D Robb. As popular as Nora Roberts is I wondered why she wrote under a different name for this book series.

So today I’m asking you, my readers. If you write under a different name than you own, why? What’s the reason for writing in this name and not your own?


See ya next Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Hot Topic Monday; Writing under a Pseudonym or Pen name

  1. I write under a psuedonym for personal reasons. I think that the fact that John has always been an extremely shy person that it was necessary for me to do so. At one point, it was the only way I could capture my true feelings without worrying about how people would react if and when they read them. It sort of plays into the huge fear of rejection that I have. If someone doesn’t like my work, then techically it’s not a relection of me, while at the same time it is but, because my real name isn’t on the byline it doesn’t sting as much. Sometimes having a new name gives you a new identity and it gives people an opportunity to get to know you in ways they never did, or it gives you the opportunity to interact with other people that you may not have run across or approached without that new name and identity. I’ve known for a while that Nora and J.D. were one and the same. My beliefe is that she does it to capitalize on multiple genres…or that since so many people identified Nora as a romance novelist, she decided to create a seperate identity for her murder mysteries. Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable giving people both under the same name.

    Take myself for instance. If people know me and my writing, they usually think of Don Savant as someone that writes about love. When I write on others topics, sometimes it isn’t as well received because the love stuff is what people are used to from me. Ive thought about making the name DaFiant official for writing other genres of poetry, but it may read as by Don Savant writing as DaFiant so that it will still be known as my work, but with a different voice or identity attached to it. Also, if I ever release any of my more erotic stuff, that will be under and completely different identity as well. It’s find of fun and it plays into how much creative freedom lies in writing.

    • I have a pen name I use every now and then, Almond Eyes Diva. It’s a sexier side of me. I use this name when I want to bring out more of Dominique. I like the idea of using another name. I think it’s creative.

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