VIP with Dominique; Embrace Change

The first day of Spring was just a few weeks ago. The weather may or may not be changing in your home town but change is upon us. We celebrate different holidays in every season and every season brings upon us change.

As an author, published author, the cycle hardly ever changes. We write a book, seek guidance, get it published, promote it and then start all over again. Of course there’s more to being an author than those simple commas that separates each task but in the end you still get the same cycle.

I want to encourage you to not get discourage when going through the same cycle. It’s important to remember the task at hand, being strong and confident in what you are doing. If your cycle seems to bore you, change it. Find things you can do differently. You have the power to change and create the next trend.

Don’t get stuck on the same merry go round. Find ways to make you, your career and your work stand out. Nothing excites me more than change. Don’t run from it, embrace it!

Signing Off,



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