“From Author to Publisher, Lashonda Devaughn…Author of The Hood Chick Series”

Author Lashonda Devaughn has been a published author since 2007. Lashonda is in love with the genre of Urban Fiction. “Urban fiction flows through my pen effortlessly” She tells me. When Lashonda realized there was a genre where she could be true to herself, in her own words, not water down her work, she knew this was the genre for her.

A Hood Chick’s Story Part One is Lashonda’s first book. I asked about her experience in that first project. “My first experience was incredible. Readers embraced A Hood Chick’s Story pt. 1 and that’s when I birthed StreetDreamz Publications. I’m here to stay.”

Lashonda has to write when she is inspired. It can be a number of things that can inspire her to write but in order for her to put pen to paper, something has to inspire her. “I can’t write any other way.”

Some authors stick by lessons they’ve learned over the years. Lashonda has one important lesson she’s stuck with throughout her career. “The most important is to do your research before coming into this game. Also, stay true to your passion and always be original, it’s the only way to stand out.”

A Hood Chick’s Story pt. 3 is Lashonda’s latest novel and it can be purchased on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. It’s the last book in the Hood Chick’s Series. “The reviews have been phenomenal and I’m honored that readers are calling the Hood Chick’s Series one of the hottest series in this genre.”

Read more about the author at From a Writer’s POV


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