Hot Topic Monday; Facebook Password

Happy Monday!

Ok, everyone is talking about this. I have not had the chance to sit down and ask you guys what you think about the giving of your password to employers thing but of course, I want to know.

In my opinion, I would NOT give it away. Simply because it’s my personal business. I have pictures of my daughter on there, my husband and it’s simply not for everyone to see.

On the flip side, these social networks allow us to be whomever we want to be. A rapist can pretend to be a 14 year old girl to another 14 year old. A murderer can pretend to be your best friend from high school. All things are possible on these social networks and companies want to know who they are hiring. I get that. But in my opinion, I think it’s not a good idea to give that out.

Secondly, if the employer asks for the password and the potential employee knows that this person will ask for it, all they need to do is simply create a new account before going to the interview and  just like that you are portraying whomever you want.

In my opinion, getting the password from someone you may be hiring is not going to help you truly find out who that person is. So many people are a computer whiz that they know how to get around it. In the end, you still can’t truly say you trust that person.

I wouldn’t give mine out if asked. But I want to know what you think.


Stay tuned for next Monday for another Hot Topic!

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One thought on “Hot Topic Monday; Facebook Password

  1. I think that above all else, it’s a massive issue of privacy waiting to erupt. Jobs are already controlling enough as it is and this really creates something that will become a huge problem. For one, I would imagine that this information would be kept in a personnel file of some sort, whether it be paper or electronic. Now if there was some type of legal bound guarantee that the personnel manager would be the only one that has access to it, I would see it as less of a problem, but still a problem nonetheless.

    However, we know that won’t be the case. Especially the way the chain of command on a lot of jobs are structured. Take my job for instance. Every area has an assistant manager, and every assistant manager has team leaders in the departments they are responsible for. Then on top of that there’s the personnel manager, an asset protection manager, and an operations manager. Then you have the entire audit team and the audit team lead. All of which would have access to this information. Not to mention the individuals that come into the business in higher job positions. We’re talking at least 18 people right off the bat that would have unquestioned access to that information. On top of all that, a lot of businesses have teams of people that constantly watch your page due to Social Media Policies that have been adopted by many of them. Our management staff had a discussion with us recently about this, warning us to be careful what we post on our pages and when we post on our pages because they are constantly being watched. We cannot talk about co-workers, managers, cannot post pictures that have been taken inside or outside of the establishment because it is their intellectual property and also because it can’t be proven when they were taken, therefore the assumption will be made that they were taken while you were on the clock which will result in disciplinary action.

    I used to post stories about things that happened throughout my day at work. Someone that wasn’t even on my page saw my post through a mutual friend and assumed my post was about her. She threatened to go to my general manager and tell that I constantly bash and ridicule my customers on facebook. When I did post those things, I posted about situations. I never even spoke of where I worked in these posts and I never names names, race, etc. After that incident, I stopped doing those posts, which was something my friends looked forward to reading. That’s why I only refer to work as the J.O.B. and is also why I took down my job title from my profile.

    Anyone on your job having your social media passwords is a potential disaster waiting to happen. You’re talking about human beings that hold grudges, that may act in malicious ways…not to mention if one of those that had access walked away from the computer with their credentials still in it given any random co-worker that walks up to it access to everything that manager has access to or even sitting in the office with certain things on the screen that anyone can walk in and see over your shoulder. There are far too many potentially dangerous situations for this to even be a legal action for employers to take. My inbox messages are private. Not that I have anything to hide from anyone but there’s a reason those cannot be seen by people on or off your list.

    Ok, I’ve spoken my peace. 🙂

    -Don Savant

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