A Part Time Author; Top Ten Countdown; Have you Checked the Title

With so many books in print, I’ve seen the same title a bunch of times. In some cases, the title is worded differently to make it stand out but, with so many books in print, you’re bound to see the same title on different books, just in a different way.

One thing you don’t want to do is create a title that someone else has already used.  When you come up with a title, Google it. See what comes up. You want your title to be unique, easy to find and memorable. Authors do not take the time to search around on their title. They give books a title and just like that, they’re claiming the name.

Wait! Don’t move too fast. Get a little background information on the title you are choosing. One thing you don’t want to do is get all the way to print and then the publisher says we can’t use this title. It’s already been taken.

How to not make this mistake:

Google your title first. If the title is taken, think of words that best describe your title. Get a thesaurus and look them up. How can you rearrange your title to make it work for your book?

Secondly, when you have decided on a title, don’t run off telling everyone. Keep it between you and maybe a close friend or two. People will steal book titles, especially if they know you haven’t published the book yet. You also have to be careful with the content you advertise because it if it’s not published yet, they will steal that, too.

Be careful! Keep things to yourself. Do your research. It’s just like having a trademarked name. You have to go through so much just to own the rights to a name. You or your publisher might own the right to the book and that work cannot be duplicated once it’s published, but having the same name as another author is a little different. In the end, you want to make sure your publication is as unique as possible. Don’t get all the way to the finish line only to have to turn around and recreate your title.

Trust me; I’ve been there, done that!

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