The Excellence of Elleoquently Yours Volume I: Life & Love

I love my job. There’s nothing more gratifying than to feature a new author that gets it; meaning, that they know their first book is only a step towards changing lives, including their own. They have a vision of what the future will look like with their influence involved. And the future does look bright when in involves the writings of this month’s Up & Coming Author, Elle Seon.

Jumping ahead for a minute, I asked Elle about the near future: “Well I was recently involved with a compilation poetry book titled Battle of the Sexes II. This spring my first full-length novel titled A Path for Lilly will also be released. I am continually growing and learning, which I believe is the key to perfecting your craft. Therefore, I hope to continue to be able to write and touch readers with my words.” Bringing it back to the present, Elle’s readers will definitely be touched by her first published book, Elleoquently Yours Volume I: Life & Love. The December 2011 release of Elle’s book of poems has been nothing but a blessing and an inspiration of words through her life’s experience. Seeing it in print was well worth the wait. “To become a published author and actually see my name on the front of the book was honestly a dream come true. It felt like the moment I held my book in my hands for the first time, all the ink, sweat and tears were worth it.”

Read the full article at From A Writer’s POV


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