Business Owner of the Month; Paulette Harper

The owner of “Christian Life Coaching and Writing Coach” Paulette Harper, graces the pages of From A Writer’s POV this month as business owner of the month.

She is a member of P.F.L. Publishing. She serves as the marketing specialist. “My years of marketing my own self-published books have created a special talent —my ability to sell a product well. Not only do I specialize in marketing strategies, but also serves as the publicist for P.F.L. Publishing. Writing coach”

Paulette has been in business for two years. She says she has a passion to help aspiring writers, publish, promote and market their books. “Christian Life Coaching and Writing Coach provides tools, tips and resources that they can use to help them throughout their publishing journey.”

Some of Paulette’s goals include:

  • Create a website for her business.
  • Continuing to learn the industry
  • Establishing her business as a expert in the field
  • Obtaining clients.

If authors are interested in getting in contact with Paulette email her at:  Also find her online at

Words from Paulette: “Continue to expand, network and learn from others who are doing what you want to do.”

Many business owners have graced the pages of From a Writer’s POV providing information and advice to help fellow authors and writers. It’s been a great pleasure working with all of you.

Check out the April 2012 Edition of From A Writer’s POV


One thought on “Business Owner of the Month; Paulette Harper

  1. Thanks Dominique for the business spotlight. I have now added a leg to my business. Write Now Literary (WNL) Virtual Blog Tours is accepting authors for book tours. Interested authors can stop by: and schedule a blog tour.

    Booking tours for the Christian genre, empowerment and self-help.

    Looking forward to partnering with you on the tours

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