Curling up with a Page Turner; “The ABC’s of Becoming a Writer”

This month is Writers’ Month on From A Writer’s POV. All authors and lovers of the literary field start out in writing and then venture off to other areas in the literary field. So this month, I want to talk to those who are not published yet, but looking to become a published author.

I’ve created the ABC’s of breaking into the literary field. Enjoy!

A. Advice

You can never receive too much advice. Get as much as you can from any source you can get it from. You do not have to follow in the footsteps of someone else, nor do you have to do exactly what someone else has done. Keep in mind they have been there, done that. Take what you can and put your own twist on it.

B. Brainstorm

Continue to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. Take the time to do this as often as possible. Whatever your comfortable writing zone is-when that time comes, embrace it and collect your thoughts. Use your notebook to write down your ideas so that you don’t forget them. Brainstorming is a great way to produce a new writing project.

C. Consistency

One thing readers do not like is a writer who is all over the place. Be consistent in what you do. Whether it’s releasing books, producing a newsletter or updating your status on Facebook, continue to do what you do and keep it going.

D. Drive

Being an author is hard work. It’s one of the hardest self-employed jobs today. By our own drive and motivation, we control how much money we make. You must have drive and have a go-getter attitude to make it as an author. Be ready to get in the driver’s seat and put the gear into drive when wearing the author hat.

E. Expect nothing less

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations as an author. As long as the expectations are realistic, you are on the right path. Expect nothing less than what you expect from yourself and your career as an author. Others need to know you that you mean business!

F. Forgiveness

Humor me. You gotta forgive those that don’t believe in you now because later, they’ll regret it! Onward!

G. Genre

Don’t be confined to one genre. As an author, it’s okay to dabble into other genres. Although you may not be an experienced author right now, after you’ve been comfortable in your genre of choice, try dabbling into other genre. Also, remember that your audience may not take the change, so it is risky.

H. Help

As with advice, get as much as you can from wherever you can. Having someone on your side through this journey is always helpful; preferably, someone who has published a book or two before you.

I. Initiate

This simply means to initiate any type of connection with others. Introduce yourself to people and get to know them. Start networking. Email people and tell them about you. Join groups and be the first to say, “Hey, get to know me.”

J. Jot down everything

Write down everything that comes to mind. Keep notes. These will come in handy during those late nights when you have the writing juices flowing.

K. Keep Writing

You will come to a point where the writing will get dull. You’ll seem to not have any more juice in you and you have no motivation. Keep writing. Keep pushing. It will get better.

Join me next month as we get the rest of the remaining ABC’s of becoming a Writer

What am I reading…

Private Games by James Patterson

Airing out Dirty Laundry by Latisha Patterson

A for Alibi by Sue Grafton

“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“As an author/writer, what do you believe are the key components in being successful in the literary field?”

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