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Who Do I Run To? By Anna Black

Janiece Hawkins never thought she’d find herself facing a love triangle. More than that; a love triangle with a married man. KP, the man of her dreams swept her completely off her feet before telling her he was married with two kids. Too deep in love to let go, she became accustom to being KP’s other woman and didn’t have a problem with her role as KP’s mistress until she met Isaiah. Isaiah ready to commit and make Janiece his, he stops at nothing to win her over, even though Janiece is stuck on KP. Things spiral out of control when KP decides it’s time to leave Kimberly, his wife to be with Janiece. Drama kicks into high gear when Isaiah fights to have Janiece and Kimberly also fights to keep KP. The ultimate decision has to be made by Janiece. Who will she run to when she is ready to love?


Janiece sat at her desk daydreaming again about whether she would ever become Mrs. Paxton. She smiled and wondered what it would be like to live in a big beautiful house and drive an expensive car, like the one Kimberly drove. Her smile faded when she looked at the word private on the LCD screen of her cell phone. It would happen occasionally, but more often when she and her lover KP were in bed or on the sofa cuddled up watching a movie.

After five years of secretly being his mistress, she wondered what it would be like to be out in the open with KP. To meet all of his friends, colleagues, and have him attend at least one function at her office without the worries of who might know him.

“Damn, KP, what is your problem?” she said out loud looking at his gorgeous picture on her desk. He was her type, her desire, and everything she wanted in a man, but he was still another woman’s husband.

“Promises, promises are all you ever make me,” she said picking up the photo. She never pressured him about leaving Kimberly, but he would always make mention of the day he would make her his new wife. For a long time she believed him, but now, she was starting to think he was playing her. “When are you going to just leave?” she asked the photo, and then put it back in its spot next to a picture of her and her sister Janelle.

“Janelle is so wrong about you,” she said shaking her head, and shaking the thoughts of her sister’s words of how big of an asshole KP was. “She doesn’t know you like I know you, and I trust you,” she said and smiled.

“Trust who?” a voice asked, taking Janiece by surprise.

“Shawnee!” Janiece said, looking up, wondering how long she had been standing there outside of her cubicle.

“Who are you talking about?” Shawnee asked again being nosy.

“What?” Janiece asked with her head tilted, wondering why Shawnee was asking her anything because they were not friends, and she was definitely not one of Janiece’s favorites.

“Awww, never mind,” Shawnee said, coming in and sitting in the chair against Janiece’s cubicle wall as Janiece wished she had taken the chair back down the hall after she and her supervisor had their afternoon meeting.

“Listen, my brother and I are having this little get-together this weekend, and I wanted to know if you’d like to come,” she asked nicely—not the Shawnee that Janiece was familiar with.

“Get-together, huh?” Janiece said suspiciously. “What’s the occasion?” she asked, leaning back in her chair.

“Well, believe it or not, it’s my birthday weekend, and my brother wanted to give me something at his house and told me to invite a few of my girlfriends, and since, you know,” she said and flung her weave and batted her fake eyelashes, “most of the bitches up in here are jealous, and I don’t have many girlfriends to invite …” she said, and Janiece wanted to laugh in her face. She was definitely not one of Shawnee’s girlfriends, nor did she think that the women in their office were jealous of her. Shawnee was just an evil, backbiting bitch, and women couldn’t stand her.

“Well, Shawnee, you and I are not exactly girlfriends either,” Janiece pointed out.

“Nonsense, girl—you and I have been cool since we started. Remember, we came out of orientation together,” she said like that made them buddies.

“Yes, and most of the time when you see me, you turn your nose up!”

“Janiece, I do not!” Shawnee protested, like that was far from the truth. “You have always been one of my favorites!” she said with a fake smile, and Janiece could see right through her fake-ass green contacts and ten-inch fake lashes. At that moment, Janiece felt sorry for her because she knew Shawnee didn’t have any friends up in their office, so she decided she’d go.

“Okay, fine, Shawnee, I’ll come.”

“Great!” she said, and jumped up with excitement. “Here’s the address,” she said handing Janiece an invitation. “And you are welcome to bring that fine-ass man of yours!” Janiece knew she was up to something. She heard the rumors that Shawnee called KP, “The Invisible Man,” because no one in her office has ever seen him in person in the years she had been working there.

Their office had a party for every occasion, and although Janiece claimed to be the woman of the stud in the pictures she had on her desk, no one had actually met him.

“I’ll see, Shawnee—KP is an extremely busy man.”

“You don’t say,” Shawnee said sarcastically.

“Like I said, I’ll see,” Janiece said again, and stuffed the invite into her purse. She knew right then, that was the reason why Shawnee invited her. She just wanted to see if she really had a man.

“Fine, see you Saturday,” Shawnee said and sashayed back to her cubicle. Janiece wished she could invite her sexy-ass man to go with her, but she knew he’d say no, like he always did, afraid he’d run into someone he and Kimberly knew.

She went back to thinking of being Mrs. Paxton, and her day went by fairly quickly. At the close of day, she grabbed her stuff and headed straight for the train station. She stood to get off the metro and looked down to see who was calling again. It said private, so she dropped her phone back into her purse.

She made her way to the doors, got off, and stood to wait for the train to clear the tracks. When the rails went up for her to cross, her face lit up when she saw his SUV. He was at her condo to share temporary moments of bliss that Friday evening, and she was anxious to get inside to see him.

She climbed the steps, and when she opened the door, her place was set up nice and romantic with candles and soft music. The scent of food hit her nose, and she knew he had carryout from her favorite restaurant.

“Oh, my, KP, this is nice,” she said when she entered the living room.

“Hey,” he said getting up from the sofa.

“Wow, KP, you did it up, baby.” She was very impressed with his surprise candlelit dinner.

“Why, thanks, babe. Come on, have a seat and let your man serve you,” he said and pulled out her chair. He grabbed the bottle of chilled wine and poured her a glass.

“This is so sweet,” she said and took a sip, and then she noticed there was only one place setting at the table. “Hey, why is the table only set for one?” she asked, wondering what was going on.

“Listen, babe, please don’t be mad, but Kimberly’s parents are having a big dinner tonight at the main house, and I can’t stay.”

“But, KP, this is my weekend! My Friday night!” she replied, disappointed.

“I know, babe, and I’ll make it up to you. But, you know, my wife can’t go alone.”

“KP, damn, baby,” she said and put her glass down and held back the tears in her burning eyes. She anticipated her weekends, and now instead of his two a.m. departure, he was leaving before seven.

“Come on, Jai, no dramatics, okay? Now, I ran you a bath. I got your grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies just the way you like it warming in the microwave. I want you to still enjoy your evening.”

“How, KP? My evening was supposed to be with you.”

“I know, Jai, but Kimberly sprang this on me at the last minute, and you know how it goes. Duty calls,” he said and glanced at his watch because he didn’t have much time.

“Forget it, KP. Just go,” she said and pushed the empty plate forward.

“Jai, please, you know I hate to leave you upset,” he said, wishing she’d cut him some slack.

“But you always do!” she whined.

“I can’t help it, Jai. When I tell you I gotta do stuff with my wife, I don’t want you to get this way. You know damn well I’d rather be here with you than at some uptight, uppity party at Kim’s parents. But her dad is my boss, okay? And Kimberly is my wife.”

“I know, KP, damn. I don’t need you to constantly remind me that Kimberly is your wife!” she yelled, and he had to go.

“A’ight, Jai, fine,” he said and kissed her forehead. “I gotta go, baby, and I really would like to see you smile for me,” he said. She gave him a faint smile. “That’s my girl. Now I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” She nodded. He went over to the coffee table and grabbed his keys. He gave her a quick peck, and she held back the tears.

“I love you,” he said walking toward the door.

“I love you too,” she stated once he shut the door.

Talented and inspiring is the best way to describe this Chicago Native. Now You Wanna Come Back is her debut novel and it has earned Anna, her bestselling author title and has done its duty as a page turning introduction for Anna. She has showed herself to be ready for the literary world by winning the 2011 African American Literary Award for Best Anthology of the Year for her contribution to the erotic anthology Between the Sheets. Her second novel Luck of the Draw is holding its own; being one of Amazon’s best selling Kindle books for several months. Her love for writing began about ten years ago with poems and short stories and now she is ready to wow readers with her page turning plots, by giving readers stories that will make them laugh, maybe cry, but definitely reflect. This new authoress is here to make a mark in the literary world, so readers get ready. She recently released her third romance page turner Who Do I Run To and it has already received several five star reviews. She currently lives in Texas with her husband Chris and her daughter Tyra and it is her pleasure to share her written words with you.

Get to Know Anna:

1. How long have you been writing?

For several years, maybe 12 or 13, but I becamed a published author in 2008.

2. What inspires you to write a novel?

A lot of things; dreams, over hearing a conversation, if I’m going through something … almost anything. My ideas are random when I get an idea, I just write about it.

3. What motivated you to publish your works and what avenue did you use to publish?

Well a few of my friends would always want to read my stories and would be bugging me to write more. After a couple of my closes friends encouraged me to publish, I went the POD route with a company called De Novo and they literally played me and went out of business less than two months after my book released. Then I tried again with Infinity another POD company and shortly after I met Tamika Newhouse and signed with Delphine Publications.

4. How do you come up with the titles for you books?

I honestly base it off what the story is about and I try to make the title an interesting name that describes the plot of the book. I’ve been told that my book Now You Wanna Come Back is a dead giveaway and that is done purposely. I wrote that book about a brother who messed up and wants to come back, so that how I like to title my books.

5. Why are most of your leads plus sized women?

Because I want to write about the average woman. I want my stories to be realistic as possible and not all women are the size four that I have read about in the past in romance novels. I do have books coming that my leads are not plus sized, but that’s how that started. Nothing against thin women, I just wanted the average woman of today to read my book and say hey, that could be me.

6. What would be your advice to a new comer who wants to publish their book?

Take your time and be patient. Nothing happens overnight and just because you are published don’t mean you’re going be rich. It takes time, dedication and hard work. Lastly editing is something they need to invest in and not take lightly. Poor editing can ruin a great story.

7. What is next for Anna Black?

Publishing … I’ve been in this industry for a little while and I’ve learned some things along the way and I have great author friends that have been successful as self published authors. My current novels and my sequels that are to come will be with Delphine, but after that I will be launching Black House Publications.







Books are available everywhere books are sold or if you want a personalized copy click http://www.annablack.net/books.html.


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