Book of the Month; “Crucial assessments of life”

It’s always a great thrill for From A Writer’s POV to feature a book that’s smoking hot at the time of its feature. And that book this month is by an equally smoking hot author in LaShonda Harvey. We featured her book I’d Rather Be Single this past month as our Book Trailer of the Month, and if you saw it, you would know that the four stories in the book by four fantastic authors are a must read.

Published in September 2011 by StreetDreamz Publications, I’d Rather Be Single explores the world of four women whose romantic lives keep them in twisted situations. The authors Mimi Renee, Kaie Golson, Tysha, along with LaShonda keep things popping with their respected renditions of why these four women rather stay single. LaShonda describes the scenario of her story “The Skeleton In My Closet”: “In my story you will meet Tyra and Michael, she’s looking for love and hopes that she has found it in the man of her dreams but when her past is revealed, loyalty on both ends are tested.” The other stories in the book: “Taking Chances” by Mimi Renee, “Something in his Backstroke” by Tysha, and “Sleeping with the Enemy” by Kaie Golson. LaShonda briefs us on the synopsis of each story: “In Mimi Renee’s story you will meet Ken and Rita. Rita is an older woman who fell for a young thug with a lot of secrets. You will meet Random and Jai in Tysha’s story. Jai is married to Random who constantly cheats on her and brings more drama to their homefront than a little bit. In Kaie’s story you will meet Frank and Zoe. Frank works in the porn industry but promises Zoe that he has no affiliations with it outside of directing, but Zoe will uncover secrets she would never begin to understand.”

Read the full story at:

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