A Part TIme Author; “Top Ten Countdown; Do you have a Media Face?”

I want to introduce to you the top ten things I think are the most overlooked things to do before we publish a book. I’ve come up with ten random topics that authors shy away from for whatever reason before the book is published. Maybe we think they are not important but if they have made my list, they are very important.

Count down with me for the next ten months on “The Top Ten Things an Author Should do Before the Book is Published”

A media face means are you present in your media? Right now? Don’t wait till the book is on the shelves to say, I have a book out. The time to start getting your face in the media is now.  If you wait to get into the media until after the book is finished, you’ve wasted a lot of time doing nothing when you could have been doing something.

There are tons of social media places online that you can get involved in right in the comfort of your own home. Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Linkedin and so many more offer the social media contact you need.

Get a twitter account and make sure you are active. Not just on there to talk about what you and your home girls are doing, promote what you got going on. What’s next? What’s your plans? Talk to other authors and writers. Network.

Facebook. Get a “like” page on facebook and start promoting the other side of you, the author in you.  Get people to follow you and see what you have in store.

There’s nothing wrong with getting in front of social media now before the book hits stores. As long as you eventually deliver a book, you’re on the right path.

How to not make this mistake:

Join social groups. Don’t join every social group you are introduced to. Keep in mind not all social media groups are for you. Remember your target market or your genre of writing and go from there.

If you are going to join these places, be active. Don’t join just to be a sitting duck in the members section and you are not doing anything with your membership. Be active. Talk about yourself. Mingle. Let people know what’s coming up for you. Get involved!

Lastly, be consistent. I see a lot of writers who say I’m writing a book. I have a book coming out but years and years pass because they keep putting the book off. I can understand if it’s simply taking you a long time to write because you are in and out of the writing season. But don’t keep putting the book off. People are expecting something from you. You’ve started talking about this book that’s coming…well bring it! People want to see it and they expect it!

Get your face in the media!

Have a question for me? I’m here to help! Let me know what literary struggles you have this month and I’ll help you get through them. Email me at dominiquewatson@literarycareermoves.com

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“You could have a great product but it means nothing if no one knows about it”-Dominique


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