Ebook of the Month; Londyn: Tale of a Mafia Princess – The mistress of many…

The cross hanging behind the pulpit felt as if it was strapped to my back as I walked to my seat in church slowly. The scent of roses was thick in the air. There were so many people I felt so out of place. ‘Oh My goodness’ I thought as the hairs rose on the nape of my neck. I could feel all eyes on me. Whispers rose like a soft breeze from every corner of the sanctuary.
“There she is.”
“How dare she show her face in here!”
My soul hurt and my heart lay heavy in the pit of my stomach. I tried to take my seat as the choir sang. Today I burry my boyfriend Jordan who’s life was taken at the hands of my father.
I am Londyn and this is my story.

Londyn Taliaferro is the mafia princess and daughter of the most powerful man in the tri-state area. She is stunning. Often turning the heads of both men and women where ever she goes. Spoiled rotten and Hell bent on ruining her family name anyway she can as pay backs for her father taking her boyfriend, Jordans life. Londyn fastly becomes the mistress of several married high powered individuals. But when the wives of these men play for keeps could Londyn be the next body to end up in the ground? Payback is a bitch with a bull horn and if Londyn’s number gets called its lights out for her and her home wrecking ways!

Read the full feature at: http://www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com/ebookofthemonth.htm

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