Up and Coming Author; “The Perfect Timing of Untimely Revelations”

No one said the road toward authorship would be easy. A clash between one’s passion of writing and the business aspect of getting published can sometimes become discouraging but, at the same time, a learning experience that only increases the flame of the challenge.

For our newest Up & Coming Author, Imani Wisdom, the challenge was well worth the struggle…mostly because her passion as a storyteller and dedication to her work and those she loves, outweighed any thoughts of throwing in the towel. With her first published book, Untimely Revelations: A Collection of Stories of Love, Faith, and Forgiveness, Imani has persevered through some tough times. “When I decided to pursue this dream, I had no money to send to an editor. I felt as though as I was stuck in limbo. My thoughts and creativity were lying on a 150-page manuscript that probably would never get published. So the same person who persuaded me to get into this business said she would be my investor and to begin the necessary steps; such as editing and book cover. Everything during that time was going great until one day, it came to screeching halt. On June of last year, my mom had suddenly passed away. I was heartbroken and devastated, but questioned if I should continued with the dream. After grappling with my financial situation, I’ve decided on go on faith. I knew my mother would not have wanted me to give up and in some way, that would dishonor her memory.”

Read the full article at: http://www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com/upandcomingauthor.htm

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