A Part Time Author

Welcome to The Part Time Author. This column is geared to help and encourage the author who works a full time job daily and behind closed doors writes a book.

People always say the hardest part in writing a book is the marketing. It’s hard to get your name out to the public and get people to buy your product. It’s even harder when you work all day then come home exhausted but know you have to deliver a book.

Literary Career Moves helps authors get to the next level in their career. I do one on one counseling with my clients to give them the encouragement they need to produce their book. In The Part Time Author, I plan to do the same.

Before any author became a best seller they were a part time author. They had to work some type of job, use that money to fund their book and plan around work to publish their book. In the wee hours of the night write, and edit and write and edit some more. This is called A Part Time Author and we’ve all had to have come from somewhere.

Let’s get on a path to being a Full Time Author.

We’ll talk about:

  • Our Support Systems
  • Being a Part Time Editor
  • Finances
  • Web Designer
  • Being a Jack of All Trades and more!

Have a question for me? I’m here to help! Let me know what literary struggles you have this month and I’ll help you get through them. Email me at dominiquewatson@literarycareermoves.com

View Literary Career Moves online: www.literarycareermoves.com  I am now taking clients!

“An Author is the creator of any type of literary works. Since we have the power to determine our literary status, why not start performing like the author we say we are and take control of our career. We are the authors aren’t we?”-Dominique



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