Poet of the Month; “Setting the stage for success”

There are certain features we do where a buildup to the featured author/writer is not necessary. This month’s Poet Spotlight author has some strong and passionate words that make the buildup insignificant. Poet Vladimir Nicolas has the stage:

“Poetry is my way to express my worldviews about the world. Through my poetry, I describe both the beauty and the ugliness of human societies. Then, unlike the dominant viewpoint in today societies greed is man core nature, writing poetry has given me the alternative values such as tolerance, kindness, self-discipline and responsibility in perfect accord to my family education from my mom and my aunt Nelta Louis to get a truthful personality.

“Moreover, writing poetry has allowed me to develop my artistic skills to turn into the sole motor of my own development to expand my humanhood and curiosity to keep wide-open my mind to other cultures and different worldviews. Consequently, I am turning into a better and good man, endless avid of knowledge.

“So, living into a society that is promoting greed and hypocrisy twenty-fours in a day, my poetry provide me a shelter and a better alternative to stand for the poor and to dislike befriending with the hypocrite. At last, living without poetry is infeasible as my secret garden within me in which I can dream of a better world by writing the poems that will wake up people from their existence of consumerist robots.

Read the full article at: http://www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com/poetofthemonth.htm


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