This Month’s Headline; “Hale to the Non-published!”

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” ~ Anais Nin

I’m hoping none of you can relate to the negative aspect of the quote because the positive that’s quoted makes up the essence of a writer; to use every sense and emotion they have to transfer on paper their creative brain flow for all to witness. There is no push to become more than what they are, which is a narrator of fiction and non-fiction genres. The Writer’s Process stops here for the time being, as we recognize the non-published writers of the literary community. I’m constantly driving my readers down that proverbial road towards authorship in my tips and advice column, but this month we’re putting on the brakes, and celebrating the love of writing without publishing aspirations.

Some non-published writers are entirely satisfied with their form of writing. Not everyone wants to write a book. Some of us have that I don’t need no stinking publisher mind-set. The pleasures of writing letters, poems, screenplays, columns, journals, blogs…these are outlets writers take to task, using their free style skills to express their views. The quote above by French-Cuban author Anais Nin summarizes the make up of a writer. It is cultural. It’s a part of the intellect we share. The words we share are infectious…whether they’re from a blogger who had a bad day and wanted to vent; or a poet whose serious flow was begging for an audience to share on an open mic. Screenwriters and music writers do have some commitments to follow for success, but even minus an agent, these writers are just as freelance in their skills as other writers, and do have modest success without full commitments.

One of the reasons I am appreciative of non-published writers is because I share the same joys of freedom when it comes to writing. There are no deadlines, no expensive overhead, no meaningful criticism, and no peer pressure. It is that sovereignty that keeps pen to paper…a never-ending flow of poetry and opinions, of riveting storylines and addicting lyrics. Being an author I’m sure has its perks, but there is something inspiring about the liberation of someone who is not obligated to do what they truly love. Speaking of inspirations…

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