Hot Topic; My Pet Peeve as a Professional

Happy Hot Topic Monday!

As a professional I have a lot of pet peeves about authors. I’ve had the opportunity to see the other side of the publishing field and there are many things that bother me about authors. Yeah writing a book is hard but authors don’t make it easy especially on themselves.

Veterans are the worse. Veterans are people who have published at least two books. They’ve been in the game a few years and have published numerous times. The most exciting to work with are the newbies because they have such excitement and motivation. They do have issues with being too excited and making mistakes like walking before they crawl. But overall they are the best.

What bothers me about veterns are the minor mistakes they should know better about. Most authors venture off into other fields in the publishing industry, publishing, editing, graphic design etc. If we plan to venture off we must remember we lead by example.

Being an author is hard work, there are many things to keep up with, events, signings, deadlines, meetings, emails, calls etc but as “the” author it’s your responsibility to make sure you are at these things and complete these tasks. I don’t like a too busy author, forgetful author. If this is the case hire someone to remind you. If you’ve got all this attention and appointments they must have funds behind them cause someone knows about you right? Don’t be a lazy author, don’t be forgetful. Get the right people around you to help you move forward with your busy life.

It’s your credibility people. If you don’t care then why should those that work with you care?

So Hot Topic Monday, What’s your pet peeve?


Signing Off,



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