Curling up with a Page Turner; “Author and Legend P.D James”

I normally don’t do articles about specific authors, unless you’re James Patterson of course. But I was recently introduced to a new author, P.D. James. I wasn’t introduced to her face to face. My strong interest in Mystery and Suspense books in my two days of book shopping a few months ago helped me discover this author.

Why am I writing this article about her? Let me first say, she’s 91 years old. Born August 3rd, 1920….and she’s still writing and releasing books. I was fascinated to see a woman of her age still having the creativity to write and publish books. How motivating!

I told the President of From A Writer’s POV about her and he laughed saying, “That will be you one day.” Funny, I can see myself doing that too, an old woman still writing books. Still giving my fans what they love.

But it wasn’t just her age that drew me into knowing more about her, it was after I read just a few pages of her book The Private Patient.

Read the rest of article at


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