The POV Reviews; Get your book reviewed this year!

We are NOW doing Amazon Reviews and goodreads reviews.

Submit your book info to us. We will determine which book(s) we are interested in and will contact you, the author. You will need to send a free copy of your book for us to read, give our opinion on as well as encourage our subscribers to purchase your book. The price of your book will be determined by the length of your book. Prices range from $10-$25.

We do accept all ebooks!

Once we have read the book, we will display it on our magazine as The POV Reviews. It will also be displayed on our network and/or our blog The POV Lounge/The Cafe Vibe. We will also give our reviews on goodreads and We encourage you to join us on these sites during the month of your book promotion so you can review our progress as we read the books and be a part of the promotion.

When we are done reading we will mail you a personal copy of our review. (This is upon request only)

 All of this is included in your price. If you are interested in having us read your book, please respond accordingly. We will contact those we are interested in reading and will give you the price of your book review. We will not send you a copy of our review in the mail if you DO NOT request it. So be sure to request it!

All books accepted for The POV Reviews are submitted into the Publisher’s Choice Awards that take place in November of each year. You get your fans, family and friends to vote for your book to win an exclusive interview, feature/article and a small amount of promotion for one full edition.

To submit your book, please email us at

Subject Box: The POV Reviews

1. What is your name?

2. What is the name of your book?

3. When was it published?

4. Give a brief synopsis of the book and explain why it should be considered.

5. Give a brief bio of yourself (written in third person only)

6. Please provide a website for you and/or the book.

7. Please provide up to four links where your book can be purchased.

8. How many pages is your book?

9. When can we expect to receive payment and a copy of your book?

11. Would you like a personal review of this book mailed to you?

**We reserve the right to accept or decline any submission**

We will look into your background and make sure you are who you say you are and can provide a quality feature. We will also decline your feature if you cannot provide a quality picture or no picture at all. 


From A Writer’s POV Staff



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