Winter Authors Campaign; Savanna J

“Behind Closed Doors” is the story of two couples, Nia and her husband, Brett and Stephan and his fiancée, Brooke. From all appearance, these two couples seem to have it all together; successful careers, good friends and active social lives. They are the people we watch and envy.

What really takes place when these four go home at night and close their front doors? Is it truly as good as it seems? Brett’s got a secret but he’s too wrapped up in himself to notice, Nia does too. Stephan’s promised to love and stay faithful to Brooke but can he keep his promise when temptation moves into town?

In, “Behind Closed Doors,” author Savannah J, takes you on a journey, delving into topics that are taboo, but happen daily in our communities. Subjects that make us blush, yet leave us yearning to know more. Join her as she takes you on a roller coaster of a ride and reveals what really goes on, “Behind Closed Doors.”

Published November 1st, 2011

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