VIP with Dominique; You should assess your product mid way through

In any business, even if you are an author or writer and your business is your books, there’s never a beginning and ending to your product. There’s always a mid way area that sometimes needs to be assessed.

When you are in business there’s a beginning of the product, figuring out what to do first and how your customers will be affected. In the end, you have the results. Plain and simple. But in the middle you have an area where you’ve already gotten your feet wet but aren’t ready to dry them just yet. This is your mid way area and sometimes it needs to be assessed.

What do I mean by assess? The dictionary tells us that assess means: to estimate or judge the value, character, etc of; evaluate. So that means when you’ve gotten your feet wet but aren’t ready to dry, it’s time to assess your product. How valuable is it? What will this product bring to my customers? Are there things I need to change? Assess your product.

There’s never just a beginning and ending. Check your product mid way through and assess it!

Straight from the DIVA


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