Poet of the Month; “Painting a Spectrum of Poetic Hues”

There is something to be said about a poet’s tenacity when it comes to writing. Their drive to do what comes naturally to them makes them the unique individual that they are. If you paint a canvas black, one poet will envision a whole separate perspective by looking at it than a poet who sees another world on that same black canvas. Paint a canvas in chocolate, and you have the perspective of MaDonna Awotwi, aka Sankofa the Poet.

Our Poet of the Month resolves that her canvas is demonstrative. Her perspective on that canvas is in her poems. “I am an emotional writer, so often something that has happened to me personally or someone that I know, or what is going on in the news will sit in my spirit and compel me to write.” And when MaDonna writes, it is often an explosive demonstration of an artist’s paint strokes of their inner vision. “Words come to me in flashes; often times I can sit straight up out of my sleep and produce an entire piece.”

When writing her book of poems Life on a Chocolate Canvas, MaDonna’s tenacity took her to a deeper shade of brown, as she gave herself a means of constriction to show the literary world that she means business. “Life on a Chocolate Canvas is compilation of poetry I’ve written over the past several years. I was 29, just 2 months from being 30, and I felt the need to publish my poetry that, in order to make my mark on the world, I had to do it before my birthday.”

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