VIP with Dominique; Jump on the Bandwagon


In football, people who instantly become fans of a winning team are said to be “jumping on the bandwagon” They are not initially fans of that team but now that they are a winning team, they root for this team. They are jumping on the bandwagon. People say they should be fans of a team win or lose.

This also goes for Authors and Writers in the Literary Industry. When you come across a new social network, a new way of marketing, a new business that has potential, you should jump on the bandwagon.

We have no idea of predicting what the future holds for anyone or anything but you should get it while it’s hot.

This is a must.

A lot of people jumped on the twitter and facebook bandwagon years ago. I’m sure by now they are tired of it but they got in when they could and it has been a great benefit for them and their business/product.

Consider jumping on the bandwagon of some things in the literary industry that you know will benefit your business. Don’t wait for others. Make the investment now and watch it pay off later!

Straight from the DIVA


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