Business Owner of the Month; “Graphics with Je’Designs”

Jennifer Wilford is not only an author, she is also a business owner. Owner of Je’ Designs. The company has been in business since 2006, offering the services of Custom and Urban Graphic Design and Business Identity. Customers can get in contact with Jennifer for her services by emailing:  or by calling 888-872-7129.

“I experienced a challenging time when I arrived in Dallas from Louisiana.  I asked God to give me a gift only he could, that would allow me to bring in extra money to survive.  Mind you, I have no professional schooling for this talent other than what God blessed my hands with. I took a few classes at AI, but that was just fundamentals.  I also didn’t have any immediate family in Dallas. God spoke to me, and he gave me the vision of what Je’Designs is today; from the name of the business and which people to market my gift to.” Jennifer says. “My ultimate dream is to become a full time celebrity graphic designer in the entertainment industry that travels.  So far, I have created graphics for Rickey Smiley. He played a big part in getting my name out there…he gave me a chance.” WOW!

I asked Jennifer about the pros and cons on being in this business. “The pros are you actually get to meet a lot of people.  When you target entertainers and artists, you meet all kinds of people, but it also comes with different types of attitudes and mannerisms.  The only downside I see in what I do is that in becoming a graphic designer, you become very critical of not only your own work, but others.  I find myself looking at other graphics and finding flaws.  I promise it’s not intentional, but it just makes me work harder at what I do to be the best.  I’m constantly reading and learning.”

Read the full article at our website!

Signing Off, Dominique


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