Book of the Month; “Jean Holloway …on the Deck of Cardz Series”

Jean Holloway is no stranger to From A Writer’s POV Magazine. With many features under her belt with our magazine, we wanted to get an exclusive on her new release Full House. It is the fourth book in her “Deck of Cardz” series with other titles of, Ace of Hearts, Black Jack, and Deuces Wild. The series follows the famous woman detective, Shevaugn Robinson. The character has been a favorite of many. We’ve watched her police career become personal, and develop into one of the hottest storylines the mystery and suspense genre has seen yet. I like to compare Jean Holloway to James Patterson. With these two on the shelves, other mystery suspense authors can’t hold a candle to them.

In the series’ first three books, we had the chance to meet crazy, psycho antagonists. Full House introduces readers to a new set of antagonists, and ties up all the loose ends in the characters Von, Jared, Terri, and Doll’s lives. If you’ve read the “Deck of Cardz” series, you know these characters have played a big part in Shevaughn’s life.

Detective Shevaughn Robinson, now a Captain in her department, makes the story different from the recent books but in other ways the same. “I feel it’s the natural progression of Von’s life. Captain Shevaughn Robinson is now running the Portsborough Homicide Division and she’s at the top of her game. She gets involved with a missing person’s cold case even though she’s unsure if it’s homicide,” Jean tells me.

Read the full article about Jean’s new release Full House!

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