This Month’s Headline: The King of Love

Throughout the music industry, celebrities have either placed a name on their status as a celebrity or the public has given them one. Many famous couples who date have their names combined so we know the public is talking about those two people.

From A Writer’s POV hardly gives out status names to others but recently we’ve had to make an exception. We come across a lot of authors and writers who stand out from all the others. There’s one that can stand in a genre of his own: Don Savant.

I like to call him the KING OF LOVE.

Don Savant’s writing represents nothing but love. I like to say he’s in love with the comfort of love. “Growing up, I saw a lot of women in my life mistreated and abused. I was given far too many examples of how not to treat a woman. I made a promise to myself back then that I would always do my best to love and respect all women, so I always try to portray that through my writing,” he tells me.

Read the full article on Don Savant at

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