VIP with Dominique; Being a Leader means more than Leading

Being a leader of course means being able to lead your people. But I also believe that being a leader means being able to listen to your people. What are they saying? What do they want? What do they expect? Have you sat down and thought about this? Do those that follow you even come to mind when you are in a leadership position?

You may think that you are not a leader and this doesn’t apply to you. If you run a business and have a staff, if you run an organization and have helpers or if you simply have employees this applies to you. Leadership is something you don’t want to take advantage of. As I always say, you don’t want to forget those that come after you.

When in Leadership, think about those that you have control over. If you have the last say in the business decision, think about them. How will that decision work for them? Will it benefit them? Will I lose my staff if I make this decision? Will they not have respect for me if I make this decision?

Consider others when in leadership!

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