“When cultures clash” Up & Coming Author of the Month

“An American Editor once told me, ‘You are a little too indulgent in your writing.’ That’s when it dawned on me that African storytelling differs from American storytelling. Africans are flamboyant with their narration.” Maybe we Americans can learn a few things from other cultures when it comes to writing.

First-time Author Salome W. Carter describes to us the difference in culture between her native country, Kenya, and the United States in the same detailed way she was told about her writing. Her colorful descriptions just come natural, and makes for great reading and listening. “It’s how our grandmothers told stories – they described every detail, dragged the story out and included all the theatricals along with it. I think it’s because we had enough time to ‘cross our feet by the fire’ and just enjoy the story. Americans are a little bit ‘get to the point’ kind of people and to a large extent have an audience that is becoming more and more distracted. I believe it’s a testament to the difference in cultures. Because I was writing for a broader audience, I tried my best to reach a pace compromised by accommodating both styles.”

Read the full article at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

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