Curling up with a Page Turner; “Are you a predictable Author?”

I’ve been talking a lot lately to my author readers. I want to ask you a question, are you a predictable author? Can your readers read the next page before they turn it?

Sure you will say of course not. I’m a good author. Well, see that’s the thing. I didn’t ask you if you were good. I asked you if you were predictable. Difference.

The dictionary says that predictable means to say in advance (what one believes will happen) foretell. So again, authors are you predictable? You can find this out by reading or listening to what others say about your book. Has your book been reviewed? What do friends say about it? Surely by doing this, you can find the answer.

A friend may say I knew it was going to happen. I knew she would fall in love with him. Another person might say, I had a feeling this was taking place but I wasn’t sure. I could tell how the book was going.

Predictable. An Author may say no that’s not being predictable. That’s paying attention to detail. Ok you could say that but why would we want our readers to feel or think these things when they haven’t even gotten to the end of the book yet? The reason we or our books are so predictable is because there are millions of other books in our genre. We have to be different than so and so who writes in the same genre as us.

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