Reverberations of a Poet’s Ebb & Flow; Poet of the Month

Emotions can be a great motivator when it comes to writing poems. In fact, it is the fuel that sets poetry in motion. Without it, words have no meaning, no flow whatsoever. It is the force that allows you to put pen to paper, while in an expressive zone.

Our Poet Spotlight this month shines on Nina Simmone Cofield, and her newest book of poems, Echoes Resound Forever. Inspiration for her latest book was one of extreme emotions for Nina. “Grief inspired Echoes Resound Forever. I was using my journal as a healing agent, as my best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident. The accident happened five days short of two months after he and I had relocated from Georgia back to Michigan; Michigan is home for the both us.  Our plan was to stay for about a year then return south. Nonetheless I began to write the night he died and I wrote for the next seven months and decided to compile my notes for a book.  Ultimately, it is a labor of love for him and his children.” With such anguish in her life, Nina’s capability to write never wavered. “The writing itself is never hard, however deciding to publish such private thoughts was challenging.”

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