This Month’s Headline; New Year, New Beginnings

We all have heard that the year 2012 marks the beginning of the end; December 21st is supposed to be the day of the Rapture. With unwarranted predictions of the Apocalypse, to a cosmic catastrophe due to a variety of solar events, to mystic and spiritual events taken from different beliefs in ancient calendars…it seems we are on the verge of some unconcern times. There is also the belief that we are coming into the beginning of a New Age, meaning: a transformation in life as we know it and the beginning of a new reality. New Beginnings.

In the literary world we are seeing new beginnings as well. The start of the year 2012 marks the first full year that e-books will outsell books. After an unceremonious attempt in the mid-nineties to bring electronic books to the mainstream, they have made a comeback, and a permanent stay as a reader’s majority choice. With the advent of Kindle, new e-readers are available in most digital devices, including smartphones, for quick and convenient downloads of all e-books available. Also a new beginning for 2012 is the popularity of the Urban Literature genre. There has never been a time where the upcoming genre has been more popular. Whether you love it or not, Urban Lit is making moves on the bestseller’s lists, where books of the genre have now cracked into the New York Times Top 100.

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