VIP with Dominique;Publishing Companies are not always true

I’ve done my fair share of researching publishing companies. One thing I tell my clients it to research, read the fine print and be sure, 100% sure, that this is the right company.

There’s always going to be fine print. There’s always going to be something lingering in the back of their contract that isn’t seen until signing.

Someone I know published with a company a few years back. The first book they published with the company was perfect! The company did a great job formatting the book, the cover etc. It was just what the author wanted. The author also had a say in the cover and was able to have them fix things if she didn’t like it. So it came time to publish the second book. Same results. The book was perfect. Great quality. Then it came time to publish the third book. The author was very unhappy. The publishing company had decided that the author doesn’t get a say in the cover anymore. They will produce a cover to their liking. So the author was stuck with this horrible cover for her book. I’m sure you know a fourth book did not come after that with this company.

So, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Read the fine print. If you have questions, ask them! If you are not sure, don’t move forward. Shop around. What you see is not always what you get. Publishing companies have hidden agendas. It’s your responsibility to find out what it is!

This is why you see a lot of authors starting publishing companies on their own. They don’t want to be confined to someone else’s rules. They want to do things their way.

Read before you sign!

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Signing Off,



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