“Expanding the Poetic Horizons of LaRay Smith”

Sometimes the aspect of writing just doesn’t cross our mind. At a young age, there were too many other adventures to explore instead of writing stanzas to a serious poetry flow. Sometimes fairy tales and other good children’s reads were just fun to listen to. There were no influences that inspired the thrill of the pen whatsoever…just the normal routine of growing up, and living life to the fullest outside of any literary scope. Then, in time, the love of writing just happens.

Our Poet of the Month, LaRay Smith, fits that particular description. Unlike many writers in their childhood, LaRay didn’t spend a lot of time spilling out her emotions on paper. “I’ve never been good at keeping a journal so as an odd child that preferred to read Octavia Butler, study and listen to music over partying, skipping class and the normal teenage actions, I started writing my feelings done in second person – almost like diary entries that wouldn’t be incriminating if my sisters, brother or parents got hold to it. Music has always been my biggest inspiration. I love the story telling underneath the instrumentation. The older I got the more I fell in love with the art of storytelling – whether in the form of Poetry, short stories, or song – I loved the journey of it all. It was healing. It was fun. It was melancholy. It was pieces of my Life I thought no one else would understand. It was Everything! And I wanted to provide words to fill up others soul the way mine was filled.”

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