Hot Topic Monday; Characters with Readers in Mind

Happy Monday!

Today I want to talk to my readers and authors!

Characters have been on my mind lately. The fun part of writing the book is creating the characters, to me it’s the funniest part. I love to be able to become someone else with the help and flow of my pen. But I’m wondering, as an author, do you ever think about your readers as you are creating your characters? Do you ever wonder what your readers will think about them? Do you create your characters with your readers in mind?

Today I want to know your thoughts on this matter. Character development is so important in a novel. How do you create your characters? Do you create them with your readers in mind?


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One thought on “Hot Topic Monday; Characters with Readers in Mind

  1. IMO, all authors should be introspective when developing protagonists for their stories. Many novels are based on some semblance of a real-life experience, and as such, it is important (and likely) that the characters will touch readers in some fashion. This is what draws a reader in as they relate to the characters role within the context of the plot. The key to it all is the ability of the story to connect with a reader in such a manner that they can easily see themselves becoming a part of the story; they feel all of the ups, downs, excitement, mystery, intrigue, love, hate, suspense, and countless other components that make up the story.

    I guess that’s my long-winded way to concur that good character development is critical to any successful novel.

    Thanks for listening to my two cents…


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