Literary Career Moves; Going into Publishing Right after Writing the Book

This article is from my book “The In Between Seasons” If this article seems helpful, get the full book on my website. Link is below!

The In between seasons is the period between finishing the book and publishing the book. In These seasons I am going to talk about three parts.

1.      Going into Publishing right after writing the book

2.      Editing

3.      How to start your search for publishing

These are a few questions that I’ve received recently when it comes to writing our book and publishing our book.

So should you go into publishing right after you write the book? Well there are two answers yes if you have a publisher or editor waiting on your work and you’re under contract and no if you are writing from your free will and are not on a deadline.

If you are not on a deadline, (brush the sweat off your forehead. There’s no rush) In my personal opinion, I write then put the book away. Let is catch some dust for a while then bring it back up. If you’ve been working on this book for month’s maybe even years, your eyes are tired. The words look all scrambled together and you just want to finish already. I write the last sentence, pat myself on the back, tell myself job well done and then close out of the document. (After saving of course J) It’s good to edit with a fresh pair of eyes. You see so much you didn’t see before. You catch minor mistakes, misspelled words, etc. My advice is to put it away and come back to it later. I’ve written books years before they will be published. The book I am publishing this year was written a year or two ago. When I’m in a writing season I let it flow but if I’m not, I won’t push it.

So many of us can’t wait to get under a contract, can’t wait until we’re moving forward but look at people who are on a deadline. You’ve got this half written book that needs to be finished in less than a week only because the writing season is not in you and you couldn’t find the inspiration to write. That’s a lot of pressure!

But if you are not under a contract and you have the time to wait, wait. Put your book away for a week maybe two and come back to it with fresh eyes.

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