VIP with Dominique; Let your work Speak for Its Self

Whatever business you are it should speak for its self. If you are an author your book should speak for its self. If you are in business your service/product should speak for its self. There’s no need to get on a high horse. You can tell people to Google you and their research of you will speak for its self.

I come across a lot of authors and business owners that are all about self. Who constantly find the need to talk about themselves as if no one other business or person in the world does what they do.

I interviewed an author/business owner recently who said many can do what I do but they can’t do it like I do it. This is so true. We all have similar traits; ways of life but the next person may do it differently. But remember it’s not always about you.

I’m not one to follow celebrities. They are just like me with more money and attention. More money brings more problems and I don’t like people all in my business so they can have the attention. I couldn’t care less about who’s have whose baby, dating whom, on drugs, got fired. I don’t care. I’m sure I’m not the only person that is not big on celebrities. I’m sure there are plenty of people in this world that don’t care much about those that are in the spotlight. So why make it all about you?

If you have to talk about what you’ve done, you haven’t done anything. I may not like the celebrities or be in tuned with what’s going on with their lives but one thing you don’t hear many of them saying is I got this, I did this, people want to know about me. They don’t have to because their work, their craft speaks for its self. (There are some rappers or singers that make music videos pretending to have tons of money and women when actually they have none) Again, when you have to talk about it, you haven’t done anything.

If you have to run your mouth to anyone who will listen that you’ve done this, had that, your book has been here, your business does that and all that ever comes out of your mouth is YOU, you really haven’t done anything to begin with.

Get off your high horse and stop making it about you. No one’s listening. Let your work make your statement.

Now that doesn’t mean don’t market. That doesn’t mean don’t tell people about your business or what you have going on. There’s a different between boasting and simply telling. Know the difference. Be humble and let your work speak for its self.

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