AAMBC Blog Tours with Short True Story By Timothy Adams

Featured story by: Timothy Adams, author of book, ” Short True Story.” In late 1994, Mr. Adams also known as “Smitty” was captured by the United States Marshal Service, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment under the Federal sentencing guidelines for an offense of violating the drug laws inAmerica. As a non violent offender, Mr. Adams has served 17 years of his life under a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years to LIFE. In True Story, Mr. Adams felt compelled to share his experiences and trials and tribulatins with the world. Beginning with chapters such as Strange vibes to Outnumber 100:1. The next installment/sequel, all will be revealed. You’ll need to understand the set-up and see the situation from both sides, of, Mr. Adams and that of the prosecution.


“Now that I look back on the whole incident, it’s sad how it never occurred to me that something was seriously wrong. Chris had never just called me out of the blue like that for nothing. However, as with everything else that occurred previously, I underestimated the meaning of that seemingly irrelevant detail.”

This quote from true story shares the concept of a famous cliché “Pay Attention to your gut feeling “for something could be terribly wrong. Time and time again we ignore the true essence of business which should never involve emotional attachment because that will be the beginning of your demise. When we begin to put too much trust in friends we blind ourselves to the potential exposure of betrayal some of which we could never recover from. “Timothy Adams” a.k.a. “Smitty’s” overconfidence led him to a fall he would forever reminisce.

Timothy adams (1967) was born inBrooklyn,New York, he attended public schools 243, public school 5, and Public school 161 from (1973) until (1979).   He then attended Lefferts Junior High andProspectHeightsHigh Schoolfrom (1979) to (1982). He then enlisted in the U.S. Army during late (1984). Mr. Adams is currently incarcerated here at F.C.I.Fairton,NJ, serving a “life Sentence for violating the crack cocaine laws here inAmerica”. He is the author of a book titled” A Short True Story .

Get to Know more….

Q. So how long has this e-book been in the making?

A. Well, I’d say seven to eight months.

Q. What inspired you to write this book?

A. I was so amazed at this Federal System of what I’ve seen on the inside, and the savage state that my brothers are in.   Most definitely what I see on televisions.

Q. How do you hope to affect your readers?

A. I’m trying to inspire them and show them how I survived and still here.

Q. To date, how long have you been incarcerated?

A. The end of the year 2011 will make 17 Long hard years.

Q. Do you regret anything leading to your arrest?

A. The only thing I regret is not being able to raise my children and not investing my money in anything.   I do regret being away from my mother so long.

Q. What is the thing you look forward to most upon your release?

A. I look forward to being a successful business man in Corporate America.

Q. What would you say to anyone facing the same circumstances you once were?

A. Whatever you decide to do, handpick your people or suffer the consequences. See we get caught up because we like individuals look past all the weakness of those around us.  We tend to not realize who is right or wrong for us.

Q. So does that apply to anything you do?

A. Absolutely, especially in business.

Q. So  in conclusion is there anyone in particular that you would like to shout out?

A. Yes, my mother who has stuck with me by my side the past 17 years o being incarcerated. And in addition, all my friends on FB who have shared their love and compassion thru my ordeals and tribulations. Please continue to show me support, I’m very grateful to every single one of you. Thank you!

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