“Tia Deshay: I write now so others can remember later”

Tia Deshay has been writing for twenty-six years. She wrote her first story when she was in the third grade. In memory of her mother, she decided to publish her first book. “I decided to publish because I wanted her sacrifice to be worth it,” she says.

Tia is a poetry writer. All of her books are a piece of her. “Everyday people, events, and life experiences inspire me. I’m also inspired by the things that people like to keep in the closet so to speak. Secrets can be damaging, therefore, I like to say the things that people are thinking but are too afraid to say aloud.” She also says that God is her inspiration.

Tia writes when she is inspired. She never forces herself to write. Poetry has been in her blood for seventeen years. She’s been collecting poems for many years. “I designed and did the layout for my first book, If I Only Had Five Minutes. The Last Will and Testament of a Hip Hop Poet in one week. The design and layout for The Color of My Aunt’s Coffee: Sugar vs. Cream and RSVP: How a Detroit Girl Made Love’s A – List took two weeks to complete.”

Through her publishing company, Twitter, and Facebook, she highly markets her books. Word of mouth has been successful, too. Tia also has a manager that helps her promote herself and her work.

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