VIP with Dominique; Are you Inspirational?

I don’t mean are you in the business of inspiring or do you write or produce books that inspire, I mean are you inspiring. When people see you does it make them want to do better, work harder or simply hear you talk because you are so inspiring? No matter what business you are in, you can inspire others.

In business especially, we’ve all come from some place. We’ve crawled before walked, used a crayon before a pen or pencil, learned before we actually knew. We’ve all been there before. There are so many others that are coming after us. We have to be their inspiration.

When I first started From A Writer’s POV I didn’t have anyone to inspire me. I had my goals, my motivation and my drive. I did not have anyone in my corner to help me along the way…I inspired myself to run a magazine. One may say well you’re doing all right. Business is following. No problem. Yes there were problems. I did not get here that easy. I made mistakes. I had set backs. Had I been able to have a mentor or someone that inspires me in business, I may have known better on a lot of things. So I use my “Been there done that” status and help others.

Can you say the same? Even if you’ve had a mentor all the way through business, there’s someone else out here who has not. You have the power to inspire them. Lift them up in ways you wanted to be lifted up when you were just starting out.

Ask yourself….are you inspirational?

Don’t forget…

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