Book Trailer of the Month; Beautiful

About the book: Beautiful Seduction is the 2nd novel in the “BEAUTIFUL series” by Author Kiexiza Rodriquez. This novel brings just as much to the table as the previous one. Total drama, lack of faith, the ultimate betrayal, that will make you think about the life choices you make.

Sean & Shireece Willis have always been the model married couple everyone has grown to love to hate. Sean vowed to be a great husband and provider, and Shireece was primped to be a submissive, loving, yet dotting wife.
When Sean’s unexpected job promotion takes him out of town for weeks on ends, thrusting him into direct proximity with his new Personal Assistant, Sasha, she is not shy about confessing she yearns for more than a professional relationship with him. Have one too many lapses in judgment caused Sean to get in way over his head? Has he crossed the point of no return? And, what will happen to his marriage as the vixen’s true deceitful colors begin to unveil themselves?
Meanwhile, a bored Shireece decides she is exhausted twiddling of her thumbs, while Sean is away playing executive, and embarks on a bit of deception of her very own. She hopes to prove beyond a shadow of doubt to her husband, that giving up her dream of a music career was the biggest mistake he ever talked her into. So, while he’s out making the money and fighting off Sasha’s advances, Shireece is secretly in the recording studio, with longtime friend Vito, working on her debut album. But will a mix of a late night recording session, a lonely wife’s confession and just one too many glasses of wine shared between good friends turn into more than a love triangle?
Don’t forget Qu and Tierra…Qu is in a quandary all of his own. How can he take things to the next level with Tierra, and show her how dear she really is to him, without terrifying her, or pushing her over the edge and back behind the shelter of her wall?
Find out which one wakes up in the hospital, who goes to jail, and who learns they are with child, in the sophomore novel of “The Beautiful Series”. Brace yourself for the wild voyage of Beautiful Seduction.

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