“Telling your Story through SOA Events”

SOA Event Concepts is an events storytelling company based out of Atlanta, GA. They were founded in 2010 by Shawntel Asemota, a former student of the University of Georgia and local entrepreneur. “We help our clients tell a compelling story through their events. In our opinion, every event tells a story.” Whether you are a corporation wanting to soften your image, a socialite wanting to create community awareness, or an employee wanting to get your co-workers together, every event tells a story, and SOA Event Concepts helps you to tell that story in a compelling way.

Shawntel always knew she wanted to be an event planner. She was in law school when she knew this was a dream of hers.

Authors and writers have events all the time surrounding their work and business. I asked Shawntel just how her business helps authors. “Authors and writers tell compelling stories through their words and through the research they acquire for whatever it is they are writing. I tell compelling stories through event planning and design. Even though they are behind the scenes, authors and writers have their own stories that need to be told and we help them to tell that story…in events.”

Shawntel hasn’t yet had the chance to work with authors and writers, but it’s something she’s eager to do in the future. If interested in Shawntel’s services, authors and writers can set up phone consultations by emailing: Shawntel@soaeventconcepts.com or by calling (678) 379-9781.

There are hundreds of Event Planning services that work with authors. What makes SOA Event Concepts different? Shawntel explains. “Most event planners just plan events. We do more than ‘plan’ events, we tell stories through an array of knowledge, expertise, experience, research, and resourcefulness…all the components of a great story.” By building dynamic partnerships with other companies in the event industry, diversifying our network, online and traditional media this makes SOA Event Concepts different from the competitor.

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