Curling up with a Page Turner; “Are your scenes explosive or disappointments?”

When I read a novel, I place myself in the shoes of the characters. When the scene becomes intense or the climax of the book is about to take place my heart races, and I’m eager to turn the page. But what happens when all the adrenaline has reached its peak only to be released suddenly like a balloon popped with a pin? What happens then?

As a reader, I’ll tell you what happens: Disappointment. That’s what happens. You’ve got a disappointed reader and you’ve lost credibility.

As an avid reader, I can always tell what’s about to happen before it happens. Authors are predictable unless they’ve learned to broaden their craft but that’s another article for another time. Authors are typical when it comes to writing the book. That’s why so many interviewers ask why should anyone buy your book? What makes your book different from the others in its genre? Authors are predictable, and most of the time if you are an avid reader, you can tell what’s about to happen in a story before you turn the page.

But back to the important message of this article; don’t write a scene that’s a disappointment. If you are bringing the big guns, they better be explosive! Don’t take a reader through a scene, building them up only to let them down. One might ask, well how do I know I’m doing that? Read your work. Read it again. Put it away and read it some more. You will know when it’s explosive or not and you will know if the scene needs to be changed.

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