“A Journey in Paris with Carolyn Davenport-Moncel”

Encounters in Paris; A Collection of Short Stories is the Book of the Month. The author takes us on a journey in Paris. Writing from a perspective not known to many, and introducing us to a character everyone has a heart for.

I asked Carolyn about the inspiration behind this book. “The inspiration behind this book came from just observing different relationships in general while living and working in Paris. I lived there with my family for five years before moving to Lausanne, Switzerland. I have to confess that, at times, expatriate life can be quite hard. If you live abroad for any good length of time, you take a lot of things for granted like having your extended family and lifelong friends around you. When life throws a curveball, like the loss of a job or parent, how you deal with the disappointment and pain alone, and at great distance from anything or anyone familiar, can be devastating. You definitely handle the situations differently than if you were still living back home in the United States. I’ve known many people in France who had experienced similar situations and I wanted to explore what happens through the eyes of just one character, Ellery Martin-Roulet.”

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